Former Street Eyebrow Plucker Steven Lim Is Now A Talent Coach Giving Lessons In His Mercedes Benz

And he claims he has 3,000 students in his roster.

Do you remember Steven Lim, the self-proclaimed “Singapore’s Superstar” who’s famous for trying to be famous?

You may recall (or have chosen to forget) his notorious audition for Singapore Idol in 2004 where he wore nothing but yellow swimming trunks. Or that 2012 Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen ad where he appeared alongside a pre-controversial Amos Yee.

amos yee
Back in the day: Lim and Amos Yee once appeared together in a Popeyes advert.

Some folks also knew Lim as that eyebrow plucker offering grooming services on Orchard Road. But Lim is doing a different kind of grooming these days, and says he has stopped plucking brows ’cos he is busy running his “talent management agency”.

Oh, and he’s taking part in an upcoming Muay Thai fight against fellow Singapore Idol alum Sylvester Sim as part of the Asia Fighting Championship this weekend.

When we met up with Lim for this interview and photoshoot, he came all prepared with wrapped knuckles. Instead of the typical handshake, he awkwardly fist-bumped us with a “kapow” sound effect. “Hi, I’m Steven Lim gor gor, Singapore’s Superstar!” he chirped eagerly. Yup, that was really how he introduced himself.

8 DAYS: So… What have you been busy with lately?
I have my own company, Eyebrowser Trading. It is my talent management agency. I coach people in singing and how to become a star. The lessons are conducted in my Mercedes. I have a Mercedes car, and a motorbike. But I didn’t drive my car here today. I took the bike instead. See my mood lah.

How many students do you have now?
Over 3,000. They come from all over the world.

Really? So how did you come to join a Muay Thai fight against Sylvester Sim?
Sylvester approached me as we have had this feud on social media for a long time. I don’t think I will win, ’cos he is small and very fast. But I’m training hard for it. Amos Yee once approached me too, to do a video together.

Amos Yee?
Yeah. (Steven pulls up a message conversation with Amos on Facebook Messenger on his phone) See? He sent me a message back in 2014 asking to do a video, but he stopped replying when I messaged him back to say I will do it. I don’t know why. If he comes back [from the US, where he is currently being detained as a political refugee], maybe we can work together.

Do you think your big break has come, or are you still looking for it?
What do you mean still looking? I’m already famous. I’m Steven Lim the superstar!

Catch Steven in the Asia Fighting Championship, Sept 23, 6pm, Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre. Tix from Sistic.

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