We’re nearing the 15-minute mark of our chat with Felicia Chin at the press conference for All Around You and Aus-some Getaway when a minder comes up and signals for us to wrap it up.

Without missing a beat, Feli turns to her and quips, “It’s my fault — I’m very long-winded!”

She’s not lying. But her bubbly and talkative nature is exactly one of the things we love about the 35-year-old actress. It makes her as endearing as a bright-eyed and eager-to-please rookie despite the fact that she’s been in showbiz for 17 years.  

That’s why when Feli tells 8days.sg that she goes into each project treating herself like a newcomer, we completely believe her.

“It’s wrong to make that differentiation. Like, oh, they’re newbies and I’m someone with experience,” Feli says. “That’s when you stumble. You can learn something from everybody.”

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