The circuit breaker has turned everyone into avid chefs as people make use of all that #StayHome spare time to work on their culinary skills. And local actor Jeffrey Xu is no exception. In fact, his girlfriend, actress Felicia Chin, tells that the former kitchen newbie has transformed into a pretty capable cook — at least, from what she can see in pictures and his newfound enjoyment in whipping up his own meals.

Like many other couples who don’t live together, Felifrey have not been able to meet up in person for quite some time now due to safe distancing measures against the COVID-19 outbreak. While they keep in touch regularly via FaceTime, it’s been so long since their last actual face-to-face encounter that Felicia can’t even remember when exactly that was, though she estimates it was around the period the DORSCON level was raised to Orange.

That was over three months ago. Fortunately, being in a “long-distance relationship” is nothing new to them as they have experienced — and survived — being apart for two to three months straight during respective overseas projects, although Feli admits it feels a little different now (after all, we are in a literal pandemic).

“You do treasure each other more and make more effort to be intentional about being there for one another ‘cos of the whole situation everybody’s in right now,” the 35-year-old mused during our phone call. The pair, both devout Christians, have also been attending online sessions with their church pastors to learn more about strengthening their relationship.