It's clear who the star is today.

We’re at the press conference of Ch 8’s latest drama, Walk With Me, where everyone's attention is trained on Fann Wong the second she enters the room. Even her co-stars can't seem to get enough of her. Like, Bonnie Loo who says acting opposite Fann made her flub her lines. Then there's Andie Chen who gushes about how watching the actress break down in tears in a matter of seconds for a scene had him at a loss for words. And we all know how Andie is almost never at a loss for words.  

In Walk With Me, Fann plays a tai-tai whose life gets turned upside down after her husband passes away and she suddenly gains guardianship of four young adults, played by He Yingying, Taiwanese actor Danny Lee and Chinese newbies Willy Yao and Hong Shiya. The motley crew have to learn to live with each other, under the guidance of Fann, in the heartwarming drama that's bound to tug at your heartstrings and tickle your funny bone... which isn't too far off from today's situation.

The media is all huddled within a cosy space at the Visual Arts Centre on Penang Road, and it kinda feels like a chatty, boisterous Chinese New Year family reunion with everyone laughing and talking all over each other, and in the centre of it all is Fann.

The 47-year-old is of course used to being the centre of attention, and recently she found herself once again in the news, well, or should we say fake news.