Say the name 'JJ' and you'll immediately think of our national treasure JJ Lin, who, along with Tanya Chua and Stefanie Sun, has put our little red dot on the map with his musical artistry.

But there’s now another JJ in town: rookie singer-actress JJ Neo, who is well aware of the inevitable comparisons to the far more famous JJ Lin. (P/S: They even went to the same JC.]

And if that’s not already stressful enough, the 24-year-old is also the younger daughter of former Ch 8 host Lucy Chow, who was one of our most famous comperes back in the '80s.

When she was in secondary school, JJ and her whole family moved to Taiwan because of her dad's work and they would stay there for five years. But it was while living in Taipei that JJ started developing her talent for music. Her mum had enrolled her for music lessons after noticing that she had a knack for singing. 

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