Remember Elvin Ng’s 2010 feud with Guo Liang

You don't? Here's a quick recap. Elvin was filming Mediacorp drama Breakout when he took to his blog to air his grievances about a certain 'huai ren' (or 'bad person' in Chinesewho told him during the drama’s imaging session that he’s “a lot like his role”. (FYI: Elvin’s character in Breakout was autistic.) 

The then-30-year-old wrote:  “I feel that seniors should behave like seniors. It doesn’t mean that you can do whatever you want just because you have talent. It’s sad if you have talent but have no cultivation and integrity.” 

Though Elvin never specified which senior he was angry at, Guo Liang made it clear that he was the 'huai ren' when he shot back in an online post that Elvin's Breakout character was also "sunny, innocent, naive and intelligent". "I said you fit the role. You didn’t only think about the autistic part, right?” the host added. Guo Liang then went on to write that he had an issue with being called a bad person. “In Mandarin, saying ‘I don't like so-and-so’ is fine. But calling someone a ‘huai ren’ is a more serious accusation. Only people who rob and murder and do evil are called 'huai ren'," he wrote. 

Elvin, who was a relative rookie at that time, was then called out for being “rude” and “not knowing his place”.  

The actor opened up about the feud on the latest episode of Quan Yifeng’s talk show Hear U Outwhere he clarified that his relationship with Guo Liang has always been cordial, and that he was only upset with what had transpired, rather than with the host.