Elvin Ng Needs A Chinese Chess Partner. Anyone?

How retro is that? We play ‘This or That’ with Elvin Ng to find out just how big he is about all things old-school.

Letters or e-mail?

Letters. It’s more ‘feeling.’ But the last time I wrote a letter was probably in JC. If I’m filming overseas, I’d just call home. I don’t have MSN or Twitter, and my manager helped set up my Facebook account, which is inactive. I’m primitive when it comes to tech! But I’ve had a blog for a year, as I wanted to write again.

Teresa Teng or Jolin Tsai?

Teresa Teng. Old songs are more sentimental. I have an iPod, but I don’t know how to put songs into it. Other people have to help me!

The guy pays or go Dutch?

I believe the guy should pay — I’m more of an MCP! Yes, I’d pick her up and send her home. Some people find the whole dating ritual corny, but I think girls still want to feel special.

A good book or the latest 3D blockbuster?

I have a literature background, so I’m supposed to choose the book. But I’m lazy and read very slowly, so I like movies, too.

Xiaolongbao or hanbaobao?

Xiao long bao. I actually prefer Western food over Chinese food, but hamburgers are very fattening, you know!

Chinese chess or PSP?

I like Chinese chess very much, but I play it online, as I can’t find real people to play with me!

Wind-up timepiece or digital watch?

Definitely not digital — I have a fear of technology! I don’t like the jumping numbers. My mechanical watch stops if I don’t wear it for a few days, but I like the gears and mechanisms.

Vintage stuff: cool or icky?

Yucky. I’d rather have new than second-hand things. When we film, we wear dunno-how-many thousand-hand clothes from the wardrobe, and I don’t like it.

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