Last week, we saw a pretty sobering Instagram post from Desmond Tan, featuring a picture of what appears to be the 34-year-old in a wheelchair at the hospital.

"2020 has not been the most exciting year. I recently injured my lower back, which forced me to steer off course at work. I couldn't stand or walk without assistance for a couple of days,” he wrote. Wait, what happened? And how recent was this injury? Is he okay now? 

Well, after a short phone interview with the actor, is happy to report that Desmond is feeling much better now, and that he's not suffering from a slipped disc in his back.

“[The injury] happened last Sunday (Nov 29), so I’ve been resting for a full week now,” he said.

"It's an old injury that's been with me for a long time, I have a weaker lower back 'cos of the sports I did in the past. I was at home, and I was moving some stuff, and I think maybe my posture was wrong, or the load was heavy, so it triggered the injury,” he shared.

At first, Desmond didn’t think too much of the injury ‘cos well, it’s an old injury after all. But, the next morning, the pain worsened.

"When I woke up for work, I couldn't really get up from the bed, and I needed to roll out from bed just to get ready,” Desmond shared.