Last October, a group of 13 people including Mediacorp artistes Terence Cao, Shane PowJeffrey Xu and Sonia Chew as well as actors Julie Tan and Jeremy Chan breached COVID-19 safe distancing guidelines by having a private gathering that had more than five visitors when Singapore was still in Phase Two of the Circuit Breaker. 

On February 1, the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) confirmed that two men would be charged in court on March 2 for flouting safe distancing rules by holding a birthday party at Daisy Road with 11 other people. 

Although they did not name the individuals, the BCA shared that the 53-year-old owner of the residential unit, along with a 50-year-old visitor who allegedly invited three more visitors “despite knowing that doing so would cause the gathering to exceed the permissible number of individuals”, would be the ones charged in court. 

If found guilty, they could be jailed for up to six months, or fined up to S$10,000, or both. The other 11 visitors have been issued a composition fine of S$300 each.

On the same day that BCA’s press release was published, Lianhe Wanbao staked out a condo located on Daisy Road and they saw Terence getting into Shane’s car.

Although the reporters were not able to get a comment from the artistes, neighbours they spoke to confirmed that Terence lives there. The neighbours said that the actor is usually low-profile, but is friendly when they run into each other. Lianhe Wanbao then concluded that Terence, who is 53, is the homeowner who will be charged in court.