Chen Yixin may play popular influencer Sissy in the TV adaptation of beloved Singaporean bestseller The Teenage Textbook (P/S: The book came out in 1988, 12 years before she was born), but the budding actress tells that in real life, she definitely wasn’t at the top of her school’s popularity food chain like her character.

With celeb couple Edmund Chen and Xiang Yun as her parents, you’d think that everyone would be clamouring to be her friend, but it’s precisely her family pedigree that made the 20-year-old a target of unsavoury gossip among her peers.

“I wasn’t ostracised or anything, but people would just make bad comments about me behind my back or assume that I had special privileges ‘cos of my family background,” recalled Yixin, who is now dating her Teenage Textbook co-star Gavin Teo. “I wouldn’t say I was really bullied, but feelings were hurt and I definitely wasn’t popular lah.”

The part about “special privileges” couldn’t be further from the truth.

Yixin explained that she had to go through rounds of auditions for all her roles just like everyone else, including for Teenage Textbook — The Series, and that none of them were ever handed to her “on a silver platter”.

“And what some people might not know is that I get rejected too, and it’s okay!” she added.