It's 6.30pm on a Sunday evening as we make our way to the Mediacorp campus, half an hour before the last of the Star Search 2019 mentoring sessions we were invited to is scheduled to begin. As we walk through the darkened corridors, we suddenly hear something that doesn't sound quite right.

“Call your dad and tell him that I kidnapped you!” someone shouts. 

Wait, what?

“Ah, I got my lines wrong again!” Our confusion finally makes sense when we see contestants going through their lines just outside the room where Chen Hanwei is scrutinising another group of Star Searchers who are now performing for him. 

The actor would later tell that he came up with two very different scenarios — one about a kidnapping and the other about a married couple dealing with adultery — and that he gave the 24 contestants a week to prep for their acting class. 

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