Celebs Tell Us How To HUAT In The Year Of The Rooster

Would you wear red undies or sleep with money under your pillow if we told you these were some of the money superstitions that celebs follow?

shaun chen

Shaun Chen
I always make sure that I wear red on the first day of Chinese New Year — even my underwear has to be red! (Laughs) I also don’t sweep the floor during CNY, as it feels like I’m sweeping away the fortune in my home."

chen hanwei1

Chen Han Wei
"I change my wallet every Chinese New Year. I’ve been doing it for 10 years now. For me, it’s customary to welcome the New Year with a new wallet as it feels like I’m welcoming more wealth into my life (laughs). I also get rid of unnecessary scrap paper and receipts in my wallet so that I have space for more money. I think this has worked pretty well for me so far!"

zhang zhenhuan

Zhang Zhenhuan 
"I read somewhere that those born in the year of the Rat have to keep nine coins in their wallet to bring in fortune in the Lunar New Year, so that’s what I did. I kept them in a small pouch and carry them with me all the time. I also have a fortune cat figurine in my car. My friend gave it to me, and since it’s quite small, I thought it’d be perfect for my car. Did it increase my wealth? I guess it’s working to a certain extent!"

hong ling

Hong Ling
I keep my cash in a long wallet so that I don’t have to fold the notes. I believe that it helps to enhance wealth and luck. I also get a haircut before Chinese New Year to cut away any bad luck from the previous year!" 



Xiang Yun
I put money under my kids’ pillows on Chinese New Year’s eve. My mother told me that if they sleep with the red packets under their pillows, they will always have an abundance of wealth. I’m not too sure if it’s true but that’s what my mum used to do in the past, so I just followed suit." 


jayley woo

 Jayley Woo
"My parents usually put pots of money plants in the balcony and at the front door as they believe that the plants will bring us wealth. They make the home look nicer too. Every year, my dad would tell me my lucky colour and I’d try to wear more clothing in that colour."


chen tianwen

 Chen Tianwen
I keep a pair of $1 coins in my wallet — I heard that they will attract fortune and help to grow wealth. I also wear a red traditional robe on the first day of Chinese New Year for good luck."

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