Bobby Tonelli is a motorhead and he has the best job in the world — hosting Celebrity Car Wars, History’s reality series where a bunch of entertainment personalities from the region show off their vehicular prowess (or lack thereof) in a series of challenges.

The show is now in its third season and the 42-year-old Las Vegas-native is still having the time of his life as the emcee. Is there any other reality/game show he’d like to be a part of?  How about Survivor?

As a host, he thinks he may be a good fit; as a player, not so much. For starters, he doesn’t know how he would fare at the audition. “I’m actually quite shy,” Tonelli says. “So I wouldn’t know how to audition for something like that. But when I watch it, I would go, ‘I would fail.’ I don’t know if I would fail, but it would really be tough on me, just to be thrown into the wilderness, with not have much on you, but maybe just a toothbrush and some clothes.”

How about Ninja Warrior? “I did the Singapore version of it called Sasuke,” he adds. “I almost made it through the obstacle course, but not quite. That would be fun to do, but you need to really train for something like that.”

And what about The Amazing Race? “That’s Allan Wu’s, man! I can’t touch that,” Tonelli jumps in, laughing. “We’re good friends, too! But no, he’s great at what he does. There’s enough room for all of us in this industry.” And right now, he’s happy doing Celebrity Car Wars.

Here, Tonelli shares with us his favourite reality/game shows…

Celebrity Car Wars airs Sun, History (Singtel TV Ch 209 & StarHub Ch 401), 9.55pm.

Bobby Tonelli Photo: A+E

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