We’re at CÉ LA VI, where the media is eagerly anticipating the arrival of K-pop star, Seungri. The BigBang member was in town (again!) last Saturday for the opening of the Braun Buffel boutique at Marina Bay Sands and of course we jumped at the chance to interview him. Sure, he was an hour late but we're not complaining. The star more than made up for it with his candidness and down-to-earth attitude, and even conversed fluently in English without the help of the translator hovering behind him. Heck, Seungri is so nice, he even waved off his PR minders when they tried to stop us from asking him a question that hadn't been approved earlier.

P/S: We've also never met a K-pop idol who says, “No problem lah!” when asked to mic up, though, to be fair, Seungri is not just any K-pop idol. 

The 28-year-old had released his solo album, The Great Seungri, in July but don't bother asking him about how well the album did. He tells us that he “doesn’t check the sales because [he’s] afraid [of the outcome]”. But we don’t think Seungri has anything to worry about. After all, he acts, DJs (he even spun at Zouk a couple months’ back) and owns many businesses, such as a ramen empire, a medical company which develops cancer screening kits, as well as a chain of bars and lounges. 

(Main photo: Ealbert Ho)

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