Ase Wang’s love story with her fiancé, American-born, Thailand-based Chinese entrepreneur Jon Lor, sounds like something you’d expect to see in a feel-good romcom. But it couldn't be more real for the actress, model, entrepreneur, and Phoon Huat scion.

For starters, Ase tells that she and Jon, both 38, actually got to know each other through mutual friends about five or six years ago, and they were even neighbours at one point. However, she didn’t realise she had feelings for him until about nine months ago, after she had just come out of a “pretty unhealthy relationship” with a singer. (P/S: She refrained from naming names, but Ase announced her split from Thai rock star Preeti Barameeanant in July last year, so feel free to do the math.)

“I remember sitting down and thinking, I’m obviously looking for love in all the wrong places and choosing the wrong people, and what I think is my type is obviously not it,” Ase, who is based primarily in Bangkok, mused during our WhatsApp call. “And then I was like, ‘Why am I always thinking about Jon?’ Like, ‘Oh, Jon would never do this’ or ‘Jon would never do that’, and I realised that he is exactly what I want.”

Instead of being the passive “princess in the tower waiting to be rescued by her Prince Charming”, Ase boldly decided to make the first move, and invited Jon to meet her at a bar so she could pour her heart out to him.

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