“It’s definitely the most painful thing I’ve ever done,” former Ch 8 star Apple Hong tells 8days.sg over the phone. 

The “painful thing” she's talking about is pole dancing, something the 41-year-old actress had to pick up for her role in upcoming Ch 8 drama, Daybreak. Apple plays a pole dancing instructor, who happens to be married to a licensed money lender (Zhang Yaodong). The 20-ep series also stars Qi YuwuYa Hui, Sheila Sim and Bryan Wong

While the show makes the Malaysian star look like a legit pro, what happened behind-the-scenes actually involved a lot of blood, sweat and tears. Literally. 

“My backside was itching to go back to acting!" laughs the actress. "I’ve always loved a challenge and pole dancing was something I’ve never really done before!”

And a challenge it was for Apple, who not only had to master the pole in five (!) lessons, she also needed to get her acting groove back since her last Ch 8 drama, The Queen, aired three years back.

While she gave the role her all, Apple reveals that those close to her (ahem, her husband) were quick to judge her pole dancing capabilities. But more on this later.

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