“My son has been learning all the wrong things!” exclaims Andie Chen, 33, when we meet him at the press conference for new Ch 8 drama Walk With Me. Wait, what? Isn’t Andie’s five-year-old son, Aden, like a whiz kid in the making? After all, he picked up his first belt in Kali Majapahit, a Filipino martial art, just last November. 

Maybe Andie and his wife of five years, Taiwanese actress-host Kate Pang, 35, are your typical Asian parents, you know, the kind that doesn’t lavish praise on their kids easily. When we ask Andie about how his two-year-old daughter, Avery, measures up to her older brother, he chirps, “She can swim!” But there’s no doubt Andie and Kate are mighty proud of their brood and the many loving family photos on their Instagram are an indication of that. 

However, the actor, who’s now a self-managed artiste, isn’t looking to expand his family anytime soon. Though we think he might change his mind after Walk With Me, where he plays a selfish and debt-ridden troublemaker who learns about responsibility after his sister (Fann Wong) takes in five troubled teens. Okay, maybe not. 


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