“You guys have matching hair!” 8 DAYS is in theatre company Pangdemonium's new and very cool two-and-a-half-month old office in Changi to interview Adrian Pang, 53 going on 43, with his distinguished salt and pepper mop and Xander, 18 going on teen idol, with his toussled quiff. Adrian, who's never looked better, laughs and says, "Well, who copied who? I don't know." "You copied Xander, obviously," we quip. "Obviously!" Xander pipes. "And when I go to Army [and shave my head], he will go bald!"

Adrian and his younger offspring (older bro Zack, 19, is in the Army) are starring together in Late Company, a Pangdemonium play directed by Adrian's wife/Xander's mum Tracie Pang, about what ensues when a couple and their son (Adrian and Karen Tan, with the son played by Xander) are invited to a dinner party by a couple (Edward Choy and Janice Koh), which son's suicide a year ago may or may not have anything to do with Xander's character. It's heavy but pertinent stuff, but not without its moments of levity, as Adrian and Xander tell us, from the reactions of audiences who’ve laughed and cried since the play opened on Feb 22. There’s a week more to go (it ends March 10), and we’re here to catch up with Adrian and meet Xander (’cos has anyone else noticed what a handsome young man he’s morphed into since his days as a kiddo whippersnapper on TV on Okto?).

When we remark to Adrian what a looker Xander is, he beams and mock-whispers, “Don’t tell him that.” It’s clear that father and son are super close, and that they genuinely respect and adore each other. Adrian’s entire being swells with pride when Xander answers our questions with a maturity beyond his years, and says things like, “I admire what my parents do — it’s a privilege to be able to work with them.” It makes us want to sit Adrian and Tracie down and ask them for parenting tips, in hopes that when our kids grow up, they will be as awesome, and think that we are awesome too.

Photos: Kevin Lau

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