Rebecca Lim
Rebecca Lim

I make a conscious effort not to let [fame] get to me. ’Cos it’s so easy to think... ‘Yeah, I’m all that'... I’ve improved, but don’t think you are the s*** lah.

Who Was A Walking Disco Ball At The Asian Academy Creative Awards 2018?
The stars came out to play at the first-ever Asian Academy Creative Awards at Capitol Piazza last week. 
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She isn't moody, okay — she's in character as an unlikeable cop. 
What Scores Did Our Stars Get For Their PSLE?
Grades are important, but they’re not everything.
Video: Behind-The-Scenes Fun At Our Last Ever Cover Shoot — Who Sings "8 DAYS Every Day" For Us?
What is 1458? Who sings "8 DAYS Every Day" for us? Who still wants you to blow up her photo and put it up on your army bunks?
Which Of These Stars Says “Good Genes” Is His Or Her Biggest Blessing In Life?
The cast of Ch 8 drama Blessings 2 reveal the last blessing in disguise that happened to them. 

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