Joanne Peh
Joanne Peh

I need to be motivated and inspired, and do things I enjoy in order to have a healthy psychology. Then, I can be a good mother.


Joanne Peh Stands Up To Disrespectful Directors Who Call Actors "That One" Instead Of Their Names
"It’s very disrespectful to any actor who is passionate about acting,” she wrote.
Jeanette Aw Has Chosen To Stay Home For 14 Days After Coming Back From Beijing
A Leave of Absence and a Quarantine Order are very different.
Qi Yuwu On Joanne Peh Baring It All For Last Madame And Their “Adult” Four-Year-Old Daughter
"For an actress, a mother, and a woman to dare to take this step, I really respect her."
Last Madame’s Jeff Chou on Joanne Peh: “I was a little scared of her”
The Canadian-Taiwanese model-actor opens up about the naked scene with the actress in the M18-rated Toggle drama.
The Most Memorable Moments In Star Awards History
From Fann Wong's unforgettable speech to Rui En's infamous facial expressions. 

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