Elvin Ng
Elvin Ng

No one cares to hear your long story, and nobody cares what you feel inside. They don’t want the serious stuff, they just want to be entertained. 

Video: Behind-The-Scenes Fun At Our Last Ever Cover Shoot — Who Sings "8 DAYS Every Day" For Us?
What is 1458? Who sings "8 DAYS Every Day" for us? Who still wants you to blow up her photo and put it up on your army bunks?
Who Is The King Of Gifs?
Chris and Elvin give really good face.
How Does Guo Liang Feel About Working With Elvin Ng Again After Their 2010 Online Feud?
Is it awkward between the pair who play a father-son duo in Ch 8 drama Heart to Heart? 
Why Does Elvin Ng Want Us To Call Him "A Cheapo"?
It has something to do with one of his secret talents. 

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