Desmond Tan

I’m fated to take the long route, but it also means I won’t get big headed when I achieve something. I know what it’s like not to be famous.

What Scores Did Our Stars Get For Their PSLE?
Grades are important, but they’re not everything.
Doctor Desmond Is In Da House — Desmond Tan Answers Questions About Cheem Medical Terms
The You Can Be An Angel 3 actor is really a champion at coming up with nonsense.
The Stars Of You Can Be An Angel 3 Try To Guess What These Super Cheem Medical Terms Mean
They should do well since this is the third installment of the You Can Be An Angel Too series, right?
Which Star From You Can Be An Angel 3 Loves Going To The Hospital?
The stars of the upcoming nurse-themed drama tell us what they really think of hospitals. 

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