54-Year-Old Chen Tianwen Wants More Kids But Thinks It’s Too Expensive To Raise A Child In Singapore

He spends over $1500 on his two-year-old son every month.

Chen Tianwen loves kids, and is a proud daddy to his two-year-old son Genghis. And in a perfect world, the 54-year-old, who's married to Bao Xiao Hui, a 32-year-old Mongolian (that explains their son's name), would definitely have more children so that his son won’t be “too lonely”.

Speaking to us at the press conference of his new Ch 8 drama Mind Matters where he plays a math teacher with a dark secret, Tianwen says: “Sometimes I bring my boy to gatherings and the older children don’t want to play with him ‘cos he’s still so young. I find it very sad. If he has a sibling, they can accompany each other.”

The actor adds: “My wife is also much younger than me. If I pass away one day, and my son has his own life after he grows up, my wife will be lonely too. If we have one more child, he or she can accompany her.”

He also complains that he’s unable to chase after his very active son when they're out and about, due to his age and a bad knee.

“When I can’t catch up with him, I ask my wife to do it (laughs),” Tianwen muses. “I can’t stand for long hours these days ‘cos my knee injury from the past is back to haunt me.”

For the actor, who’s best known these days for his viral ‘Unbelievable’ music video which racked up over 2.7 million views on YouTube, the high costs of bringing up a child here is one of the main reason why's not having a second kid. 

He does the math for us: “Let me break it down. I spend over $500 on my son’s nursery fees every month and $80 on milk powder every week. Even his pampers cost $1 per piece and he goes through three pieces every day!”

He laments: “Recently, he fell ill and I had to bring him to see a specialist twice. The medical fees were $900 and $500 respectively. It’s really too expensive man! (Guffaws)”

Mind Matters premieres on Feb 8 at 9pm on Ch 8.

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