5 Things You Should Know About Vernetta Lopez's New Children's Book 'The Magic Coin Purse'

The Gold 905 DJ wants to teach the world the art of cross-stitching.

Vernetta Lopez is a woman on a mission. Her target? To make someone's day, one word at a time with her children's book 'The Magic Coin Purse'. Check out the videos from Gold 905's Make Someone's Day campaign below. For now, here are five things you should know about the jock's latest creation.

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1. The Magic Coin Purse — about a girl who receives a special bag after giving an old man her last coin — is a story book, a colouring book, a doodling book, and a craft book.
“I’ve always been a practical and tangible-type of person. When I see children reading books, their minds are already being fed colours and stories, which is nice. But what if the stories become interactive? The children then take a more active part in the story by colouring and making the purse [in the craft section].”

2. Proceeds from the sale of the book will go to the humanitarian group Radion International to help raise funds for the impoverished Hmong tribe in Northern Thailand.
“It’s something that I have always promised myself to do for Radion International. It just so happens that this whole Make Someone’s Day campaign [Gold 905's pay-it-forward movement where the jocks foot the bills of random strangers at a supermarket/hand out school packs to children, among other deeds] came about, so it’s a timely thing to do. I’ve been meaning to get this project off the ground for many years.”

3. The book comes with a sewing kit so that readers can cross-stitch and make their own magic coin purse.
“Cross-stitch was something I grew up with! I don’t know if boys will do it, but I know girls love it. Even [fellow Gold 905 DJ] Jamie Yeo was telling me she loved cross-stich when she was young! So maybe this is a tradition I’m trying to pass on in the book. It just so happens that cross-stitching is a very Hmong thing. Their designs are very distinct. I want to use their designs to promote their culture, which I find is under-represented.

4. The Magic Coin Purse is the first of five books.
“I have all the stories already; I just have to tweak them. But first, I have to look at the feedback from this book — is the sewing too difficult or is there anything else that can be improved on? The subsequent books will definitely contain a ‘craft’ section. I think it is fun working with your hands.”

5. Lopez, who also penned 2012’s Memoirs of a DJ, dreams of writing a crime thriller.
“I would love to write suspense thrillers. Even before CSI came out, there’s this writer, Ridley Pearson, who wrote a series of forensics books. I was like, ‘Dude, this is so interesting!’ So yeah, if I could do all the extensive research, I would give it a go. If not, I’ll come out with my own movie script. That’s something I always wanted to create — my own type of genre!’”

The Magic Coin Purse is available from raulife.com

Check out Gold 905's Make Someone's Day movement below:

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