“This is not Zouk ah!” yells Ben Yeo as he walks us through Hell. Or rather, Ch 8’s version of purgatory. The actor is taking us on a tour of the set of the upcoming supernatural-themed Ch 8 drama Hello From The Other Side, and we don’t think he can blame us for thinking that we’re embarking on a night of debaucherous fun at Singapore’s clubbing institution because, well, it kinda looks like we’re at some futuristic (or is it Phuture-istic?) club.

In fact, forget everything you think you know of Hell — that green-tinged, scary AF wasteland that plagued our nightmares as a kid (No thank you, Haw Par Villa and Strange Encounters.) Hell today, or rather the drama’s set, is situated in a three-storey heritage building in the CBD, right next to one of the country’s most famous hawker centres. Mmm… yummy. Hell is also nicely air-conditioned. So pardon us for actually liking this version of Hell.

After the 30-minute tour, where we were taken through the three stages of afterlife, we meet up for a quick Q&A sesh with the rest of the drama’s cast, which includes Rui En, Shaun Chen, Ann Kok, Chen Hanwei, Chen Tianwen and Brandon Wong. The stars, all dressed in their kitschy costumes, tell us what it’s like to go to hell and back. Figuratively and literally.

rui en s version of hell vs  what it s really like on set  1

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