Qi Yuwu And Joanne Peh Celebrate Their Son’s 100th Day

Joanne also hinted that there might not be Baby No. 3.

Time flies… just like balloons! Qi Yuwu and Joanne Peh's son, Qi Di Di, turned 100 yesterday and his famous folks celebrated it with balloons, chicken-shaped cookies, a two-tiered cake topped with a crown (’cos Qi Di Di is the prince of their hearts?), and family and friends at an intimate bash.

qi di di 2
Party attendees include music producers Lee Si Song (top; far left) and Lee Wei Song (bottom; third from left); head of The Celebrity Agency Georgina Chang (bottom; second from left) and celeb crimper David Gan (bottom; fourth from left). The couple’s two-year-old daughter, Baby Qi, was also present. 

Yuwu, who is currently filming Ch 8 drama Mind Matters, took time out from his busy schedule to celebrate the special occasion. He said, “I’m very lucky to be able to celebrate my son’s 100th day with my wife, daughter, family and friends. I’ve actually been looking forward to this day for a long time ’cos not only is it my son’s 100th day, but it’s also a rare gathering with many important people in my life. I’m very touched.”

qi di di 3
As expected, the fiercely-protective parents kept their son’s face shielded from view. 

He wasn’t the only one feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Joanne said she was very “touched” by the family and friends who came early to help out with the prep work and venue deco. “Everyone who was there had a special role in our hearts and to be able to share our son’s special day with them was very meaningful,” she said. “We had experience with our first-born, so we had a better idea of how we wanted to do it this year.”

She added: “Even though it was tiring to oversee every aspect of a party, from the location, menu, invitation cards, venue décor to the table placards and door gifts, I don’t know if we’re going to have another opportunity to throw a 100th Day Celebration, so I didn’t mind.” Hmm… does that mean there's not going to be another Qi Di Di or Mei Mei for the OG Baby Qi? 

qi di di 4
Nonya wish you could have some too? Joanne and Yuwu sent some kuehs to the 8 DAYS office this morning to celebrate their son’s 100th day. Congrats, QiPeh! 


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