Pineapple Coconut Water

This is what you need after all that decadent festive food.

Think of this as a tasty tonic. It’s chock-full of anti-inflammatory properties from the ginger and hydrating electrolytes from the coconut water. Not to mention vitamins and liver-cleansing benefits of pineapple. It actually tastes like a distilled pina colada given a spicy jolt. Goes down the hatch like a dream.

Makes about 2 ½ cups


120g  fresh chilled pineapple, sliced

a thumb-sized piece of ginger

water from 1 whole young coconut (or 1½ cups pure coconut water from a Tetra Pak), chilled

1  small lime, juiced


1. Use a cold-pressed juicer to extract the pineapple and ginger juices. Alternatively, use a regular centrigfugal juicer and then strain the juices through a fine sieve.

2. Mix the juices with the coconut water and add the juice of the lime to taste. Serve chilled

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