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Second child is on the way for Andie Chen, Kate Pang

The actors are expecting a baby girl together, months after news of Kate Pang’s miscarriage in April

Second child is on the way for Andie Chen, Kate Pang

Photos: Andie Chen and Kate Pang via Instagram

Little Aden will become big brother to a little sister in six months’ time. His parents Andie Chen and Kate Pang shared the good news over a phone interview with Toggle and revealed that a second child -- a baby girl -- is on the way.

Currently in her second trimester of her pregnancy, Kate first discovered that she was expecting during a honeymoon trip to New Zealand in October. The actress said she had a feeling she might be pregnant and decided to do a test before signing up for a bungee jump experience in the country. “It turned out positive so I didn’t go on the bungee jump,” she said.

According to Kate, Andie was very shocked when he found out about her pregnancy as it was unplanned for. While it put a slight dampener on her bungee-jumping plans, the rest of the trip went well without a hitch.

However, Kate revealed that she started spotting when they got back to Singapore and she was put on bed rest for two weeks. Kate also shared that she has stopped carrying Aden as her uterus is at a slightly lower position than normal.

“For my second pregnancy, Andie said that I have bigger mood swings and I tend to get angry easily too.”

“Andie is always more nervous than me. He’d tell me to be less rough with my actions and slow down my walking pace too,” she added, “But I’d still end up tossing and turning in bed at night.”

Asked if she has any food cravings, Kate replied that she has been lemming for seafood lately, especially clam chowder soup. “I’ve also been craving for something I’ve never liked eating – chicken breast meat.”

With the baby due in end-June next year, the couple have started to train Aden for the arrival of his younger sibling. “We’d ask him ‘Where is your younger sister?’ and get him to kiss my tummy. Once, we brought him to my check-up and he said ‘Hello’ to his little sister during the ultrasound check-up. He will definitely be jealous but we have reassured him that his younger sister loves him too.”

For her second childbirth experience, Kate intends to opt for a hospital delivery, unlike her all-natural birth done previously with Aden at home in Taiwan. “We will have to do it at the hospital in Singapore because it’s more expensive to do it at home,” she added.

The three-month pregnant actress is currently not working but adds that she is open to taking on jobs that are easy and relaxing.

The couple, who recently celebrated their second wedding anniversary in November, originally planned to start trying for a second child in 2016 after Kate was revealed to have suffered a miscarriage due to chromosomal abnormalities in April this year.

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