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Kate Pang suffers miscarriage

The mother-of-one underwent a medical procedure last week to remove her 1-month-old foetus due to chromosomal abnormalities

Kate Pang suffers miscarriage

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MediaCorp artiste Kate Pang and her husband Andie Chen recently grieved over the loss of their second child, less than a month into Kate’s pregnancy.

Toggle had learnt of her pregnancy two weeks ago, but she had declined an interview as she was in the early and unstable stages of pregnancy. However, on the night of the second show of Star Awards 2015 last Sunday, the 32-year-old revealed that she had ‘lost the child’.

In an interview with Toggle over the phone yesterday, Kate explained that the couple had intended to inform everybody of their new family member, but did not expect it to “become a sad story”.

The 32-year-old also shared that her pregnancy was unexpected, as the couple had not planned for a second child.

“I was still breastfeeding and my period had stopped for a long time. However, I suddenly experienced bleeding, the same situation I had during my first pregnancy. At that moment, my sixth sense kicked in and I wondered if I was pregnant.”

In her phone call, Kate channeled her usual lively and jovial attitude, seemingly having overcome her loss.

“Nobody wished for (the miscarriage) to happen but we are not shameful that it did. Many mothers-to-be also face this issue, so I would go through this process of recovery with them,” she said.

Undergoing a medical procedure in the midst of Star Awards

Seeking medical advice about her sudden bleeding after the first show of Star Awards (two weekends ago), Kate’s doctor discovered that her foetus was not developing and the umbilical cord had already shriveled. It is suspected that it was due to a problem with the foetus’ chromosomes.

As the 32-year-old was a host for the second show of Star Awards, she had originally planned to undergo the procedure to remove the baby after the show, but was advised to do so quickly to prevent the awkward situation of bleeding while hosting.

“When I learnt that I needed the surgery, I immediately phoned Andie. Soon after, his manager called and asked if I needed any help. She told me that Andie burst into tears at the film set (after the call).”

Kate added, “I didn’t expect it to be such a big blow to him. I am someone who is better at concealing my emotions and tears from others, so I was shocked that he cried.”

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Leaving it to fate for their next child

Comforting herself of the loss, she said, “My doctor told me that it is very common amongst mothers-to-be, as one in every six pregnant women may face this issue.”

She even said jokingly, “My mother-in-law was worried about my feelings, but I think I remained quite positive. I cherished this child as it is a gift, but I guess God is telling me that I cannot skive off as I have just returned to work.”

Now that the couple have moved on, Andie, who used to be against the idea of having a second child, is constantly encouraging Kate to “work hard together” to conceive another child.

Still, Kate wishes to leave it to fate, as she needs to regain her health first and focus on her career.

Cherishing Aden more than before

After their loss, the couple also began to shower more love towards their first son Aden. “He must find it weird that everyone is suddenly treating him so well. I really cherish this child and I cannot stop looking at every little thing he does.”

“It is not easy for a life to be formed and we didn’t enjoy this miracle very well in the past. Now, we know that it is not an easy journey,” she said.

With Kate being back in the game after renewing her contract with MediaCorp in February and Andie busy with his theatrical debut in local musical Decemeber Rains, the couple have engaged a helper to watch over their little one.

Like most working mums, Kate feels the pressure of being “replaced by the helper” in Aden’s heart.

She jested, “I think he has fallen in love with the helper. Whenever I feed him, he would keep looking at her and it breaks my heart (laughs). But it is good that they like each other, as Aden wouldn’t be bullied. Just as long as he loves mummy the most, everything is fine.”

Speaking on Joanne Peh’s pregnancy, Kate quipped, “I hope she enjoys this blissful moment as once she has given birth, there would be many restless nights! As it would be a tough recovery process after childbirth, I hope she recuperates well.”

This article is translated by Isadora Ong.



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