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Fann Wong: It was hard to leave Zed behind

The actress kicked off promotions for her movie, Packages from Daddy

Fann Wong: It was hard to leave Zed behind

Local actress Fann Wong has jetted off to Taiwan once again, this time to kick start promotions for her upcoming movie Packages from Daddy. Playing the role of a mother to a son and daughter in the show, her character’s husband passes away suddenly and time stops for the family engulfed in grief.

Her nine-year-old son, Lan, receives a mysterious package sent by his father before his death which has an antique clock whose second hand has stopped moving. Lan then decides that he has to fix the clock in the hope that the questions in his heart will be answered when he manages to get the second hand moving again.

Speaking to media at a press conference in Taiwan on November 6, Fann shared that filming for the movie started soon after she gave birth to Zed, making her decision on whether or not to accept the role a tough one to make. After husband Christopher Lee’s continued encouragement, plus the fact that she really liked the script, Fann decided to say yes and jet off to Taiwan for this project. “He was afraid that I would regret it (if I said no), so he kept telling me that I should go,” she explained.

Every night, however, she would stay in her hotel room to sing to Zed over video calls, which led to a misunderstanding by the cleaning staff that her room had supernatural beings in it. “I happened to see a cleaning lady when I was walking along the corridor and she asked me why I was singing songs meant for children when I was the only one occupying my room,” the mother-of-one chuckled.

“I hurriedly explained that I was making video calls with my baby,” Fann continued, sharing that the songs of choice were ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ and ‘Shi Shang Zhi You Ma Ma Hao’ (loosely translated to ‘Mum is the Best’).

Now that Zed has turned 2, Fann let on that Christopher has become a parent who showers gifts on their little one. “He buys so many presents for Zed when we’re out but when I remind him that Zed already has a lot of gifts, he’ll retort with, ‘It’s okay, he likes such things’,” she revealed.

“He’ll keep on buying loads of presents and when I nag at him to stop, he’ll say that it’s okay because Zed likes it. He’s always like this although he once declared that he wouldn’t. He originally wanted me to play the good cop while he played the bad cop so that Zed would listen to him (…) but in the end, he decided that he wants to be the good guy too and try to get into Zed’s good books,” Fann added.

With the film premiering in cinemas on November 18, the 45-year-old also let on that she will be walking the red carpet with Christopher at the movie’s gala on the 17th.

Given that she has both a boy and a girl in the movie, Fann was asked about her thoughts on having a second child. Like Christopher, she shared that the couple is letting nature take its course and mused, “I’d be really happy if the heavens are willing to send me such a present as well.”

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