There are lots of things I don’t know yet, like the fact that my skin has an age, and it’s not necessarily the same as my real age. I discovered this at Aramsa The Garden Spa, where I was trying out their Superfood Pro-Radiance Facial using products from British luxury skincare brand Elemis’ Superfood skincare range.

But first, my facial therapist wanted to know the condition of my skin. Using a fancy automated scanning machine called Eloscan (which aesthetic clinics also use to assess their clients’ skin condition), my skin was scanned for problems like sun damage and blocked pores.

The results are tabulated in a little slip of paper that sputtered out of the machine, along with a number for my skin’s ‘age’. “Your skin is younger than your actual age,” declares my therapist. Phew!

Then she led me through the spa to my treatment room. Located in the heart of Bishan Park, the 13-year-old Aramsa spa is decked out like a zen Japanese garden with 17 treatment rooms surrounded by lush foliage.

It’s owned by local celeb and former actress Jazreel Low (above), 52, who’s also the towkay of yakitori bar Toriyard next door.

If you don’t believe in the power of spa treatments, just Google the woman to understand why you should start investing in skincare. On the rainy weekday afternoon when I visited, I marvelled at how the spa didn’t even feel like it’s in Singapore (after all, isn’t that the point of a spa getaway?).

It was time to put superfoods on my face. Or rather, their vegan-friendly Elemis skincare version (Aramsa Spa’s parent company, Asmara Lifestyle, is the exclusive local distributor of the brand).

While I nua-ed on a heated massage bed, the therapist first cleansed my face with the Superfood Facial Wash, which contains kale, avocado, broccoli seed and pumpkin seed oils to nourish lacklustre skin.

It’s kinda like how doctors would advise you to load up on veggies if you’re feeling sluggish. An easier way to reap the benefits of veggie nutrients for folks who really hate eating vegetables, I thought.

Then a cold lime compress was applied to my face to lure my skin into a calm state. The therapist gently slathered the Superfood Facial Oil — loaded with poppy and flax seeds — to rehydrate my skin from the cleansing before applying a Hydra Soothing Eye Gel Mask and an Amino Active Mask to stimulate cell renewal.

This was followed by another Moisturising Cream Mask, after which my skin was probably crying out in gratitude for the extra hydration after languishing in my office’s dry, air-conditioned surrounds.

The facial was rounded off with sunscreen and a layer of Superfood Day Cream, which is infused with ginger, matcha tea, goji berries and cucumbers, plus a relaxing scalp, shoulder, arm and hand massage.

Okay, the 75-minute facial loaded me with much more super ingredients than if I were to ingest them as actual food, and my skin got some spa TLC as well.

It’s a pretty winning combination, and my therapist recommends a sesh every three weeks (according to Elemis, it takes six sessions to see optimal results).

Each session costs $88 on weekdays (except for the eve and on public holidays), and $188 on weekends. And if you feel like applying your superfoods instead of eating them, you can also buy the Superfood product range at the spa shop on your way out.

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