With Beauty Salons Closed During Circuit Breaker Month — Here's One Lash Solution To try

Having fab eyelashes isn't a priority right now, but if you can get pretty lashes in the safety of your home, why not?

Your lash extensions are probably going to start looking worse for wear at some time point during the one-month Circuit Breaker which will start next Tues (April 7). And while it's true that you're probably not going to go out much or necessarily care about beautiful eyelashes on that midnight grocery run, sometimes looking not terrible can do wonders for your sanity in trying periods.

Enter lash serums. It may be a good time to let your lashes take a break from extensions, and give them some TLC at the same time. We received the AnteAge MD Overnight Lash Serum before the new measures were announced, and while we haven't tried it for long enough to tell you if it works like a dream, we can tell you that lash serums generally work, and this one from American aesthetic skincare brand AnteAGE promises to kickstart follicular growth by harnessing the power of synthetic growth factors and polybotanicals for more long-lasting, stronger, longer and fuller eyelashes without the need for falsies or extensions.

anteage overnight lash serum data
AnteAge MD Overnight Lash Serum and Brow Serum promise fuller and healthier lashes and brows with daily application over a few weeks. 

You're supposed to see results after four weeks, which means that at the end of this Circuit Breaker, you'll emerge with fuller and stronger eyelashes. So even if beauty salons are allowed to reopen come the end of the period on May 4, you may not have to rush to make an appointment.

AnteAge MD Overnight Lash Serum ($120) is available online via and at selected clinics such as The Artisan Clinic, NU.U Aesthetics & Wellness Clinic (Call to check if these will be open during the Circuit Breaker month).


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