Ninety-two bucks is a lot of moolah for a cushion compact. You can get a perfectly good cushion foundation for a third of the price (for example, Etude House’s Any Cushion All Day Perfect SPF50+/PA+++ is $32), but then again, this is YSL we’re talking about. To be sure, it’s not the most expensive cushion on the market — Sulwhasoo’s Perfecting Cushion Intense is a whopping $105, but that comes with a full-size refill. YSL’s Touche Éclat Le Cushion is $92, no refill. So what are you paying for? Just for fun, we gander a guess.

Yes, branding. When you buy YSL, you’re paying for a gilded legacy, for a whiff of glitz and glamour. Just touching those three letters on a compact tucked into your make-up bag makes you at least 100 per cent more stylish and amazing. Right?

The Touche Éclat glow
As the cushion foundation version of the brand’s iconic Touche Éclat gold pen (one is sold every 10 seconds, apparently), you’d expect the cushion to impart the same luminous glow to your mien. And it doesn’t disappoint. One swipe gives you a dewy, glowy finish, thanks to a light-infused formula that boasts gold particles and radiant oils. It’s truly a little bit of magic.

That golden square
As one of the few square-shaped cushion cases around, the Le Cushion already stands out. The polished gold case radiates luxury and class, and will make you say, “Oh man, YSL packaging is the best.”

ysl box1

The sponge double applicator
Much has been made of the Le Cushion’s two-toned applicator and how it allows customisable light and coverage — there’s a smooth side that lets you swipe the product on for all-over coverage, as well as a flocked, fluffier side which you can tap to “pack on the light and build high coverage.” We found that when we used the smooth side, the coverage was sheer and natural, but when we tapped and layered with the flocked side, coverage is better, although you sacrifice some of that dewy radiance. All in all, if you’re looking for natural coverage, this is great. If you want thicker and higher coverage, look elsewhere. Also, halving the applicator means you work with only a tiny area of sponge, which is a bit unwieldy.
ysl cushion 1
Seeing double: The Le Cushion's double applicator sponge lets you control the effect you want. 

The micro-net delivery system
It’s a patented fibre network that dispenses just the right amount of product with no spillover. Did we mention it’s stamped with the YSL logo? Also, the formula smells addictively fresh. 

Available in 8 shades at $92. Refills are $58. From YSL Beaute counters.  

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