Which 5 Zodiac Animal Signs Have A High Chance Of Falling Ill This Year?

In a year of an unprecedented health crisis, here are some Fengshui health tips from a Fengshui expert.

Did the soothsayers and fortune tellers see Covid-19 coming? Back in early January, we published our Year of the Rat Zodiac reading, with no idea that the coming months would throw Singapore, and the rest of the world, into such complete upheaval.

Now that we know health is of utmost importance, how can Fengshui help us to get through the rest of the Rat Year healthily and happily? We got some tips from Joey Yap, an expert in Fengshui and Chinese metaphysics, who’s also published countless books. Here are his tips.

#1: If you are born in the year of the Horse, Monkey, Snake, Tiger or Boar, watch out for health issues.
“These are the animal signs that need to keep a close eye on their health this year,” Dato’ Joey Yap, who’s a famed Malaysian fengshui master, tells “They have a higher chance of falling ill and are more prone to minor ailments that could disrupt their daily lives. People born in the Tiger or Boar year, in particular, need to pay extra attention to their health. Their immune systems might be weakened this year, so it is possible that they might run into severe health issues and take a longer time to recover.”

#2: Avoid crowded areas if you have any of the above signs in your BaZi chart.
Actually, avoid crowded areas no matter what sign you are, right? Dato’ Joey says that if you have Horse, Monkey, Snake, Tiger or Boar in your BaZi chart (you can get a brief BaZi anlysis with free BaZi calculators online), be mindful of your personal hygiene and avoid crowded areas where possible. Maintain a positive state of mind at all times and refrain from thinking about the worst-case scenario, especially in this time of uncertainty and fear.

zodiac ranking year of the rat 2020
In case you need a refresher, this is the Zodiac fortune ranking for the Year of the Rat. 

#3: Everyone should try to stay hygienic in the Year of the Rat.
This Fengshui health tip sounds like a WHO directive. Dato’ Joey advises, “Be more conscientious about your personal hygiene habits. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water, and avoid touching your face with your hands. Keep your home and surroundings clean and well-ventilated. If you are not well, avoid crowded areas and stay at home to recuperate. In the event that you have to enter a public area, wear a mask. Comply with home quarantine orders, especially if you have travelled overseas or have been in contact with suspected or confirmed carriers of COVID-19.”

#4: You can strengthen your immunity and decrease your chances of health ailments with Fengshui.
“You can use your personal favourable directions to strengthen your immunity level and decrease chances of getting health ailments,” says Dato’ Joey. To find out what these directions are, go to to plot your BaZi chart based on your date and time of birth. When you get your results, there’s a column on the left which says “Favourable Directions”. Look for the “Heavenly Doctor” and “Stability” directions in particular.

For this writer, the “Heavenly Doctor” direction is West, and the “Stability” direction is Southwest. According to the fengshui master, this means I have to ensure that these particular sectors of my home are clean, tidy and spacious, with good air circulation.
fengshui health tips bazi2
An example of favourable directions in relation to your home which can help improve health. Directions are based on your BaZi, which is influenced by your date and time of birth.  

#5: Avoid using the South sector of your home, as that’s where the Sickness Star falls.

Says Dato’ Joey, “ This year, the Sickness Star falls in the South sector. Activating this area could aggravate health problems, so avoid using this sector if possible. If your main door happens to be in this sector, pay close attention to your health and go for regular health check-ups. Do not take things lightly if you fall ill, even if they seem like minor ailments.

The most volatile energies reside in the East in 2020. If activated, it could create problems and setbacks for the occupants of the house. Refurbishment and renovation activities in this sector should be avoided altogether.”

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