Face Shower Bar by Irén is legit the brightest facial spa I’ve ever been to. Actually, I’m not sure if you can call it a spa, since that brings up images of softly-lit spaces with Zen tunes playing and aromatherapy scents wafting. Face Shower Bar is quite the opposite. This place is lit, in the most literal sense. There are bright white floors and walls, and a large white shelf showcasing rainbow-coloured vials of serum and white bottles of creams and lotions greets visitors at the entrance, as does a bathtub over which hangs several rainshowers splashing LED drops of ‘water’.

Further in, I spy clinical-looking chairs which are not unlike dental chairs, separated by ‘shower curtains.’ These “shower stations” are where the facial magic happens. But first, I have to remove my own make-up. There is a vanity area, complete with a couch that looks like a bathtub (bravo to the commitment to the chic bathroom theme), and a vanity table with make-up remover and cotton pads. But don’t complain about having to remove your own warpaint — this is a no-frills facial for the time-strapped.

A first trial for the half-hour Quick Shower Facial costs $48, after which you have to pay $90, which isn’t cheap. But for that, you get high-tech machines which can suck up dirt and debris on your mug and ‘extract’ blackheads painlessly. The products and treatments are a collab with A*STAR — expect hydra-dermabrasion technology which exfoliates and gives skin a thorough power wash, which can obliterate clogged pores and blackheads with no downtime, as well as a soothing and hydrating infusion to finish things off. If your skin needs something extra, opt for one of the Quick Shower Boosters ($40 to $70) — Push Me Up tightens skin and Eyebag Zapper treats the eye area.

The facial was quick and painless, set to a soundtrack of, not soothing spa muzak, but pop hits. Strangely, the high-energy vibe works. Instead of being lulled off to oblivion, you lay down in the adjustable chair, the therapist gets to work with the machine, and everything is zap-zap-done in 30 minutes, and you’re good to dash to your next appointment.

The face shower bar concept was developed by Eric Tan, founder of the popular Ikeda Spa chain, who wanted to offer quick facial services for folks on the go. The skincare range, Irén — named after his wife Irene — features a Cleansing Cream ($85), a Clear Lotion ($78) and seven colourful serums each imbued with active superfruit concentrates such as goji berries, yuzu and blueberries, which can be customised to your skin’s needs.

A high-energy, high-powered treatment which doesn’t come with hard-sell packages (appointments can be made, but customers are encouraged to walk in and take a queue number), where you can be in and out in less than a lunch hour, with time to spare for a quickie Instagram shot against the shower curtains or the bathtub? We’re down with that.

Face Shower bar is at One Raffles Link, Citylink Mall, #B1-17A. For more info, go to https://irenskin.com/pages/try-iren.