What's It Like To Have A $1,288 Facial?

Yes, this two-hour facial costs as much as a branded handbag. Does it work miracles?

When the invite for the Glow Mira-Lift treatment landed in our Inbox, we were intrigued. A $1,288 facial? That’s a lot of moolah. Does the facial come with a body massage and free products? Is it done by hunky men who also serve you champagne? Are the creams made with gold? Turns out we were half-right on one of those things — part of the treatment does involve gold. At one point in the facial, the therapist started gently ‘stamping’ our face with a device filled with tiny gold-plated needles (see pic above). There was a stinging sensation, but nothing so painful that you’d cry for the therapist to stop, especially when you’re told that the treatment is a powerful skin cell stimulator which drives concentrated pure hyaluronic acid into the underlying dermal layers of your skin, and which stimulates collagen and elastin remodeling, regeneration and production. So why gold needles? The gold is able to react with the skin for better collagen remodelling. Plus it really ups the glam factor. Part of the reason the Mira-Lift treatment is so expensive is ’cos the gold-plated needles are discarded after each use.

 drspa bugis
Face value: The façade of the DrSpa boutique at Tan Quee Lan Street. The shophouse unit features industrial-cool décor and treatment rooms on the upper level.

Our facial was done at the Bugis boutique (9 Tan Quee Lan Street), one of five DrSpa boutiques. The shophouse space is quaint, but the treatments rooms aren’t as luxe as you’d think, considering that a $1,288 facial would be happening in them. Still, it’s not really about the room. It’s about the treatment. Besides the gold-plated micro-channelling, there’s also a Radio Frequency segment which reactivates and rejuvenates skin cells to prepare the skin for maximum penetration of the hyaluronic acid, as well as some fancy IonWave Technology, which works to drive hyaluronic acid deep into the multiple layers of the skin. What all these impressive-sounding hi-tech names felt like in real life was that a whole lot of devices were being rolled, stamped and pressed onto our face. It sounds more clinical than luxuriously relaxing, but when you’re paying so much, you do want a little more than an aromatherapy facial massage — the latest state-of-the-art aesthetic machines that can lift up and plump your mein sans invasive procedures sounds about right.
drgl cleanser lightening 100ml
DrSpa, co-founded by celebrity doctor Georgia Lee, uses products from DrGL, a line of skincare also developed by the good doc. We dig the minimalist, almost-military packaging. Very unexpected and cool.

So did we turn into Song Hye-Kyo after two hours? Here’s what the Glow Mira-Lift promises: Instantly lifted and plumped-up skin with dramatic improvements in reduction of fine lines and wrinkles with visibly smoother, more supple and younger-looking skin in just one session, with effects lasting at least 28 days. Our face was definitely lifted (’cos they did one side and asked us to compare), and our complexion also looked fairer and brighter. Fine lines also looked more faint. And is it our imagination or are our cheekbones higher? We imagine the effects would be more dramatic on someone who was older and more in need of a non-invasive pain-free facelift. So yeah, not quite Song Hye-Kyo, but not too bad.

Glow Mira-Lift is $1,288 at DrSpa boutiques. For more info, go to www.drspa.com.

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