What Is This Star Awards Hair Trick And Is It Magic?

How these stars aced their hair at the Star Awards.

At last week's Star Awards, stars such as Kym Ng, Andie Chen and Bonnie Loo were seen backstage before the show with cards clipped to their hair. Is this some weird new hair trend, a hairstylist trick for amazeballs hair or one of those bizarre things stars do to get luck on their side at the Star Awards? Turns out, it's a little bit of all three. 

kym ng
Lady luck: Kym Ng's Ace and 10 of Hearts 'hair cards' brought the host luck and her 9th Top 10 trophy... maybe?

andie chen
A bad deck: No such luck for Andie Chen, who was nominated for three awards but took home none. 

bonnie loo
Fame is looming: She didn't bag the Best Supporting Actress award, but Bonnie Loo looks winning with her Hairloom hair cards. 

denise camellia
New face: Malaysian newcomer Denise Camillia Tan appears to be playing her cards right. 

paige chua
Royal flush: Paige Chua also sported playing cards in her hair, and ended up taking home a coveted Top 10 trophy. 

We called Ryan Yap, a stylist at Passion Hair Salon, who used the playing cards on Kym and Andie, and he laughs, "No lah, it's just to flatten hair!" Apparently, it's a trick hair professionals use to flatten hair that is short and poufy — they hairspray a section of hair, then clip a flat object against the hair. All kinds of cards and even tissue paper have been used, but this is the first time playing cards have made such a big appearance at the Star Awards. Just for fun, Kym Ng chose "Ban-Luck" cards to attach to her locks, a 10 of Hearts and an Ace of Hearts. Guess they brought her good fortune, as she picked up her 9th Top 10 popularity award (one more to go, Kym!). Too bad Andie's Queen of Clubs didn't bestow upon him the same blessing — the actor went home empty-handed. Elsewhere, newbies Bonnie Loo and Denise Camillia Tan got carded too, with specially-printed cards from Hairloom Salon (we're guessing the cards were printed for this purpose?). 

So now you know. Do try this at home. 


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