Ever wondered who has the most beautiful face in Singapore? Well, Merz Aesthetics, a global aesthetics company, has found that out. The Asia-Pacific division of the company conducted the “MAAT2 Golden Ratio Search” last year, where they combed through over 3,000 submissions from 10 countries (including Singapore, Korea, India and Taiwan) to find each country’s most well-proportioned face. For Singapore, the title was awarded to Nurin Nisha M. Heallmy, 29.
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While this all sounds like some sort of atas beauty pageant, it’s actually more about science than beauty. Ms Heallmy was found to have a facial ratio closest to The Golden Ratio, which uses scientific measurements to determine symmetry in faces.

The Golden Ratio (also dubbed “The Divine Proportion”) is the most proportionate facial height to width ratio. To achieve this, the ratio of the area from the Trichion (forehead beginning from the hairline) to the Menton (lowest point on the chin), to the area from the right to left cheek at the widest area, should be 1.618:1. We’d like to add that much as those with these golden measurements are considered gorgeous, how attractive a person is can depend on a multitude of other factors, like personality, talent, and um, net worth. 

So, now we know who among us non-famous folks has the most proportionate face. But what about our favourite celebs? We may call them beautiful or attractive, but what will science tell us? Scroll through the pics to find out. 

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