What Do These Cool 'Medicine Bottle' Perfumes Smell Like?

One of them is the scent of teenage consumerism, and yes, they're for sale.

When we saw the press release for these new perfumes in our Inbox, we thought they were art. As in, that the bottles and the packaging were works of art, and that they weren't real fragrances. It didn't help that the collection, titled "Sick Scents", was to be displayed at an art gallery, Chan Hori Gallery at Gillman Barracks. So we were surprised to find out that these are actual olfactory offerings (and also works of art, of course) that are for sale, and that they were produced in collaboration with a scent mixologist. 

sick scents perfume mojoko 8 days1
Sick Scents is a limited edition collection of seven fragrances (six are shown here) inspired by Asian hyper pop culture. They retail for $250 to $400 each. 

The brainchild (or nosechild?) of Singapore-based British multi-media artist Mojoko, in collaboration with scent designer Terry Jacobson, this is a series of seven fragrances, all inspired by contemporary Asia. Mojoko tells us, “I chose perfumes as they are such a powerful medium. After being introduced to the process of scentology by Oo La Lab [a fragrance design service by scent mixologist Terry Jacobson], I was immediately interested in the potential of using scent as an art form. It’s fascinating the way fragrance can transport you to memories and nostalgic ideas, but the creation of new combinations and juxtapositions is just as interesting. For example, mixing Rose Oil with bubblegum extract gives you a very modern scent. Something reminiscent of today in modern Asia." 

Here are some of the perfumes, which are limited to 20 pieces each and range in price from $250-$500.

sick scents mojoko 8 days pack pinkachu1
Our favourite. This genius creation, housed in a bottle reminiscent of traditional Chinese medicine oils, is called Pinkachu, and is inspired by teenage consumerism. It's an ultra candy pop scent that is a twist on traditional rose oil, infused with aromatic bubblegum oil.

sick scents mojoko 8 days pack mandarin1
Twisted Passion is a citrusy fragrance with oriental spices inspired by vintage Mandarin drama shows. 


sick scents mojoko 8 days pack mindcontrol1
The sexy offering, named Mind Control, has musky oud oil blended with other mysterious ingredients to stimulate hypnosis in lovers.

sick scents mojoko 8 days pack psychotropics1
A cheeky, anti-stress scent called PsychoTropics, inspired by living in the tropics of Southeast Asia. Expect extracts of tropical citrus fruits and oceanic notes, along with aromas of Jasmine and Spice. 

Crazy and avant-garde as they look, Mojoko tells us that the perfumes are actually wearable. "The scents have been created as very wearable. Whether you prefer sweet or citrus smells, or woody musky fragrances, there is something for everyone. Some are stronger than others and work as real punchy statement fragrances. If I had to choose a very wearable scent, "Mind Control” and “Psychotropics" were very popular upon initial tests with friends."

So, you up for a sick scent?

Sick Scents - A Fragrant Exhibition will be held from June 1 at Chan Hori Gallery, Gillman Barracks. The perfume works of art are available for sale from $250 to $500. Find out more about customised scents at http://oola-lab.com.

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