Finding The One is notoriously tricky, but according to a bizarre Japanese beauty myth that has been making its rounds online, it can be as simple as applying the right shade of lipstick.

Specifically, a Japan-exclusive Estée Lauder lippie from their Pure Colour Crystal range.

And not just in any ol’ colour: there is only one shade called Crystal Baby Crème that’s said to work. It costs 3,000 yen ($37) each and is widely sold-out due to overwhelming demand.

The viral myth started when Japanese make-up fans started posting reviews of the lipstick on online beauty forums, with some claiming that wearing the lippie had helped them get hitched within a year.

Some Japanese reviews, which we ran through Google Translate, gave us, er, these Japlish testimonials:

“I’m around 40 and am hoping to get married. I’ve had to invest a lot in clothes and makeup. I read that this lipstick has the highest success rate of people getting married. Of course I bought it. So now I’ve been on six dates with a guy 17 years younger whom I met at a party. I wonder how things will turn out with him. Hopefully I’ll have something good to report. Thank you for this great product,” shares one user.

Another user reveals: “I heard this was a marriage lipstick, so I decided to try it out. The first time I wore it I happened to run into a guy I was seeing. We had been fighting, but we were able to make up. I don’t know if this has anything to do with the lipstick, but I was certainly a little surprised. It would be great if my wish came true and I could get married.”

So when our friend gave us this lippie as a present, we couldn’t help but ask if they thought our love life needed some kind of drastic supernatural intervention. “Just try lah, it doesn’t hurt,” she urged. After all, the worst thing that could happen is not getting married, right?

But still. So. Much. Expectation riding on one innocuous, tiny gold tube.

The universally flattering peachy-pink hue (similar to NARS’ wildly popular ‘Orgasm’ shade) has a hydrating, glossy formula that glides on smoothly, giving our pout a natural-but-better look.

We weren't sure what would happen after we applied the lipstick, though we definitely anticipated a harem of ripped shirtless guys to magically appear the moment we finish blotting our lips. But nope, no husband buffet to be found. Chey.

“Maybe you need to apply it every day,”’ advised our friend.

So we have been religiously using the lipstick daily for over two weeks (you know, for research’s sake), and so far, the only result we saw was lips that were less dry. Okay lor. It’s a lippie, not black magic lah.

Also for research's sake: we asked a (totally un-legit) panel of guys if we looked marriageable with this lipstick on. "It's less scary than your usual red lipstick," offered our pal, while another opined that he would buy it for his girlfriend if it can "improve her personality too". He earnestly added: "I don't decide whether I should marry someone based on what kind of lipstick she's wearing."

At least now we know, whatever mystical properties this lipstick has, there are some dudes out there who are immune to its sorcery. And you better pray your crush isn't one of them. 

We also reached out to Estée Lauder to ask them about their accidentally-viral lipstick, but have yet to get a response. Kinda understandable, since the American cosmetics giant can’t exactly be fanning the flames of this wild, extremely unscientific and profoundly unverified beauty myth.

But we think it does help to, er, help yourself when it comes to scoring a date. Wearing a ‘magic’ lipstick gives one hope and confidence, kinda like how people wear good luck charms. And in the process, they unconsciously start working towards their goal of getting hitched.

The Japanese reviews sum it up best:

“When I'm wearing a gentle, feminine lipstick like this, I do not want to emit vulgar words from such beautiful lips. I want to be elegant and feminine,” declares a reviewer, while another make-up addict gushes: “This is the colour of maternity.”

Results aside, at less than $40 a pop, this ‘magic’ lipstick is cheaper than signing up with a dating agency. And at least you are guaranteed to look good, which is always a boost for anybody's love life okay?

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