Use Your Hair Colour To Stand Out From The Masked Crowd — We Tell You How

Shiseido Professional’s new Face Color Line trend is the cool way to make your masked face pop this pandemic season.

Using striking eye make-up to make the upper half of your face pop is great, but there is another way that’s possibly even more powerful, when it comes to helping you stand out from the crowd. Yes, your crowning glory is a large canvas on which to create a strong look, and Shiseido Professional has come up with a series of head-turning hair colour styles to make you look awesome, even if you have to wear a mask.

The Face Line Color series redefines classic hairstyles and colour techniques for a sense of freshness and, dare we say it, renewed courage, which is what we all need in these trying times. Who doesn’t need that extra boost of positive energy and self-confidence? Well, switching up your hair colour might just be the thing you need during this pandemic.

shiseido professional flash blonde data
Flash Blonde: This look has ashy blonde highlights around the face to draw focus to your face and liven up your features. 

Here are 5 things to know about Shiseido Professional’s Face Line Color:

#1: There are seven colourful looks.
The Face Line Color looks frame the face with bursts of colour along the sides of the face or on the fringe to draw out the best of your facial features, even with your mask on.

There are seven different styles, from versatile and edgy to subtle and stylish.

  •  Secret Orange: A warm wash of colour in warm orange-brown ombre hues, complemented with a feminine bob cut.
  • Flash Blonde: A bold contrast using white ash highlights around the face.
  • Lilac Shadow: Pairs a dark lilac shade along the sides with a light ash brown base for a more natural look.
  • Brave Pink: A daring and fun style with pink, yellow and orange touches, enhanced by a layered cut.
  • Sunflower Yellow: Brings out a bright and friendly disposition using yellow and orange highlights.
  • Green Symphony: An unconventional look using an eclectic hue, yet still looks elegant and timeless.
  • Caramel Enchantment: A softer and more feminine look with warm caramel and light lavender hues. Best accompanied with soft waves.
    shiseido professional brave pink data
    Brave Pink: This bold look is for those who don’t want to be mistaken for anyone else, with a mask on or not. 

shiseido professional green symphony data
Green Symphony: An unconventional look that makes you look as cool as a rock star, and yet as pretty as a song.

shiseido professional caramel enchantment data
Caramel Enchantment: Lighten up your face with an orange-brown ombré around the neckline.

#2: It enhances your facial features.
The secret to Face Line Color is in the versatility of the hues and how the highlights are placed around the face. According to Tien Goh, Shiseido Professional Singapore’s Education Manager, this technique can help a round face look slimmer, due to the “framing” effect with the vertical streaks of colour placed along the sides of the cheeks. 

Tien tells us that each style of Face Line Color can be adapted to achieve a particular desired look, such as using pink for a cuter style, orange for a more womanly and feminine touch or green for a fresh, spirited look. 

However, colour and application technique aren’t the only aspects to consider; the cut and style can also be used to enhance or conceal. For example, shorter bangs or a cut with a softer, irregular edge can make a wider face look longer and create an instantly slimming effect.

shiseido professional sunflower yellow data
Sunflower Yellow: A super fresh and juicy look that will help you shine bright in dark times. 

#3: It channels positive energy.
2020 might be a bummer of a year, but you can inject positivity by choosing vibrant colours like yellow, orange and pink with looks such as Sunflower Yellow and Brave Pink to lift up your mood. “Yellow exudes a happy and positive vibe, and is great for those with neutral to cool skin tones, while adding in orange gives the look more energy and movement,” says Tien. 

In addition, these bright hues also give a sporty vibe to your overall look, draw attention to the eyes even when you’re masked up and are great for those with more tanned skin tones.

shiseido professional lilac shadow data
Lilac Shadow: Try this look with lowlights for a more subtle and maybe mysterious vibe.

#4: It makes hair look more voluminous. 
Besides using colour to draw attention to your facial features, colour can also help create the illusion of fuller hair. 

Shiseido Professional’s Tien shares that playing with lowlights, usually done two to three shades darker than your base, can add dimension and depth, to give the optical illusion of hair that looks less flat and more voluminous. Think of how sunlight illuminating the bottom of the ocean tells us that the area is shallow in depth, when compared to deeper surrounding regions that are a darker blue.

In a similar manner, having a darker colour along the face with a reverse Face Line Color that uses lowlights produces the illusion of more volume in the surrounding lighter hair, says Tien. Cool.

shiseido professional secret orange data
Secret Orange: Light up your look with an orange-brown ombre around the neckline. 

#5 It flatters Asian skin tones. 
Using Shiseido Professional Primience and Colormuse dyes that are specially designed to complement Asian skin tones and hair, the Face Line Color trend looks are ideal for all Asian skin tones. 

Additionally, as most Asian skin tones have warm undertones, the Face Line Color series colours are chosen with care, to make sure they're suitable for you. For instance, yellow and light blonde hues are balanced with a cooler shade like an ash grey base, as seen in the Flash Blonde look. 

So, go bold or go subtle? Whatever you choose, you can be sure you won’t be blending into the crowd.

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Stylist Credits:

  • Secret Orange – Tomotaka Sakagari, SHEA (Tokyo)
  • Flash Blonde – Shigeru Tsukamoto, Midori Taniguchi, K-two (Tokyo)
  • Lilac Shadow – Kason Kiu, M Plus Salon
  • Brave Pink – Ken Chong, Maison Hair Salon
  • Sunflower Yellow – Kevin Neo, PRIX Salon by Kevin Neo
  • Green Symphony – Linus Loh, Geranium Salon
  • Caramel Enchantment – Justin Javier Tan, Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio

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