This Over-Achieving Hand Sanitiser Disinfects, Moisturises AND Is An Insect Repellent

IDS Skincare's Moisturizing Sanitizer is hand sanitiser level up.

In the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak, we struggled to get our paws on hand sanitisers and face masks. Now that we've been Circuit Breaking for weeks, and sanitiser and mask supplies have stablised, we seem to be in the next phase of these essential items — reusable face masks have evolved into fashion statements, and hand sanitisers have similarly leveled up.

Homegrown brand IDS Skincare has pivoted — like so many local businesses — and used their resources to fulfill new needs in a pandemic-stricken world. They've mobilised their labs to come up with a brand new product — the Moisturizing Sanitizer (MS), which is produced in Singapore. This new baby not only does the necessary, which is to sanitise and protect against germs and pathogens, it goes a few steps further. The 4-in-1 sanitiser, formulated with 70 per cent alcohol, is enhanced with moisturising ingredients such as glycerin to prevent over-drying of skin, even after repeated use or washing. It also contains tea tree oil, which has antiseptic benefits, and — here's where it ups the ante — it has insect repellent properties. Because did you know that while we're preoccupied with Covid-19, the number of local dengue cases is also rising?

Put your (dry, chapped and mosquito-bitten) hands up, anyone who needs this product.

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IDS Skincare Moisturizing Sanitizer (MS), $3.90 for 10ml, disinfects, moisturises and repels mosquitoes. 

The IDS Skincare Moisturizing Sanitizer (MS) is $3.90 for 10ml, from


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