Does the power of three set you free and help you sell a lot of products? The photogenic founders of three local fledgling brands sure hope so.

Enter Toh Ziling, 29, the COO of Re:erth, a skincare brand with made-in-Japan products and nature-derived ingredients which promotes mindful beauty; Christabel Chua, aka @bellyjellywelly, 28, a top Singapore lifestyle influencer and the founder of Kai, a pouch label; and Eugenia Ye-Yeo, a 33-year-old mum of two whose nail wrap label, Nodspark, is creating waves of excitement among the nail-obsessed.

The three ladies met at various pop-ups and local markets, loved one another’s brands and thought, hey, why not a collab? And that’s how Re:erth x Kai x Nodspark was born. It’s a travel kit which contains travel-sized mini versions of Re:erth’s best-loved products and specially-designed nail wraps by Nodspark, contained in a cute travel pouch by Kai. 

We caught up with Christabel, Ziling and Eugenia ahead of the collab’s launch to have a quick chat about skincare, nails, teamwork and travel.

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