In a time when people are more health-conscious than ever, and want their immune systems, gut health, stress levels and nutritional intake to be impeccable, you can either eat well, and consume foods that help boost your immunity and health, or get a little extra help in the form of vitamins and supplements.

And while vitamins traditionally haven’t exactly been fun — hello, boring brown or white pills in clinical-looking, take-me-seriously bottles — several brands have been bucking the trend and taking a leaf from the book of children’s gummy vitamins. One such brand that’s just landed in Singapore is OLLY, touted as the fastest growing vitamin brand in the USA. Based in San Francisco, the wellness label is about benefit-driven rather than ingredient-based vitamins, which means that you buy based on what you need, such as supplements for energy, managing stress or getting better sleep, rather than trying to figure out whether a bottle of Vitamin B or Omega-3 pills will work better for you.

While many brands already have benefit-driven vitamins for stress, energy or better skin, they’re usually pills that need to be downed with water. We don’t know about you, but we end up forgetting to eat these half the time, ’cos not fun. With OLLY gummies, on the other hand, which we’ve been testing here at, we can’t wait to chomp down on our two tasty gummies a day, and often wonder if we can, maybe, perhaps, have one more?

It’s so delicious that it made us think: Does this actually work or is it like candy? OLLY’s website says that each vitamin is the result of the work of health and nutrition experts, who, using the latest clinical research, develop formulations that deliver real results and desired health benefits. Any claims made about ingredients are fully supported by published scientific literature. Also, none of their flavors, colours, and sweeteners are derived from artificial sources, and all products are gluten-free.