The Slimming Bootcamp Where You Don't Have To Move A Muscle

Too comfortable, too easy, too good to be true?

Technology is wonderful. It makes crazy things possible — like allow lazy people to lose weight by just lying there. The latest silhouette-shaping method to hit our shores comes from EstheClinic, a French beauty brand with branches worldwide that combines groundbreaking technologies and high performance cosmeceuticals. Read: They use really high-tech machines to make your face and body look good. Their Intensive Body Perfection Programme promises to help you achieve a toned, lithe body in just 3 to 5 weeks, pain-free and sans crazy diet, without breaking a sweat. We tried it and here's a review as quick and painless as the treatment. 

WHAT THEY SAID: The Intensive Body Perfection Programme targets stubborn fats, cellulite and slackened skin to visibly contour the body in just 3 to 5 weeks. It combines lipocavitation ultrasound therapy to burn off deeply-imbedded, stubborn fat cells and thermo-controlled radiofrequency therapy to dramatically tighten and firm loose skin and smoothen out cellulite within a single session. It's touted as being like a bootcamp, which combines different types of exercises to burn fats and tone in one intensive session. 

estheclinic lipocavitation
Lipocavitation ultrasound therapy, which burns off stubborn fat cells — don't worry, it sounds and looks painful, but it's not. Really. 

THE GOOD PART: Turn up, strip, and just lie there, while a therapist uses two different machines to do the hard work for you. The first part involves a sort of 'ironing' of your problem areas (stomach, for example) using a round and flat tool connected to a machine. This is the ultrasound that burns fats. It's comfortable as long as your therapist isn't overzealous and tries to squeeze your fats too tight as she 'irons'. The second part is the radiofrequency therapy which tightens loose skin. This is warm and comforting — expect to fall asleep. The whole treatment is short (one hour), comfortable and painless. Plus, you can use your smartphone the entire time. 

estheclinic thermo controlled radiofrequency
Warm and comforting: The radiofrequency therapy is Part 2 of the treatment, which tightens loose skin. Feels like a warm massage. 

THE NOT-SO-GOOD PART: Of course, the treatments aren't cheap — you have to fork out from $320 to $580 per session, depending on the area to be treated and length of package. A package of 6 to 10 sessions will be customised for you, and includes a detoxifying drink, Omega-3 supplements and appetite-suppressing supplements. Of course, this isn't a one-time treatment, so expect to spend time as well as money. (Hey, at least you don't have to sweat). 

THE VERDICT: After a few sessions, our tummy area was definitely flatter, even without consistent dieting (it will be better if you watch your diet as well). We felt more toned around the stomach and are told this treatment is great for busting post-pregnancy loose skin. We didn't notice much weight loss in terms of kg, but it's more about feeling that your jeans are looser, rather than seeing the numbers go down on the weighing scale. 

estheclinic joo chiat reception1
Tres chic, bebe: EstheClinic's Joo Chiat outlet is tastefully done up in black and white, and feels more like a spa retreat than a place where you go for a slimming bootcamp. 

EstheClinic has branches at Tras Street, Rochester Park and Joo Chiat. Too book, call 6221-4797, 6254-9913 or 6344-0121. More info at

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