So you thought mum was sick of bath and beauty coffrets and skincare gift sets?

Apparently not! E-commerce platform Shopee conducted a Mother’s Day gift-buying survey, and it seems mummy dearest is still into beauty and personal care items like anti-ageing serums, perfumes and brightening creams, as well as health and wellness products. Home appliances such as vacuum cleaners and air fryers are also appreciated, but the usual suspects like jewellery and accessories and flowers weren't at the top of the wanted list.

Perhaps it's 'cos the modern mum prefers useful gifts over presents that just look good. They also don't want their precious kids to spend too much, with 76 per cent of mums polled wanting their children to spend less than $100 on a gift.

But at the end of the day, for Mother’s Day, the woman who brought you up just wants to spend more time with you. No surprise there! Happy Mother's Day to all mummies!

Here are some beauty product gift ideas worthy of your Queen. 

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