Sephora’s New Spring Skincare Is Travel-Friendly, Wallet-Friendly And So Fun

Eye candy skincare that’s cheap and good — yes, please!

Yuzu cleansing cream, coconut water cleansing wipes, tangerine lip balm and pomegranate miscellar cleansing gel — talk about skincare that's good enough to eat. Sephora's freshly-launched skincare collection is called Mix & Play, and you're totally encouraged to pick and mix from delicious flavours of 5 lip balms and 1 lip scrub, 6 cleansing wipes, 6 exfoliating or cleansing creams, and 6 miscellar cleansers. The travel-sized skincare smells divine, is vibrantly-coloured which will make you feel all kinds of happy, and is jam-packed with plant extracts and active ingredients like yuzu, pomegranate, green tea, rose, coconut and charcoal. The make-up removers come in different forms like wipes, gels, milks and cream cleansers, designed for different skin types. The whole range is also super affordable, priced at $9-$10 each.

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Colourful wipes, delicious cleansers — you'll want it all!

Here's our quickie review: 

sephoraskincare wipes

The Cleansing Wipes, $10 per pack

They tear down our artwork — even budge-proof lippies — in one rub, and thanks to the delicious fruity smells, makes for a therapeutic experience. The green tea and charcoal variations are infused with exfoliating micro-spheres to remove makeup along with dead skin cells, although they can be a tad rough, so use the exfoliating side gently. The green tea ones leave the skin feeling matte and clean, while the yuzu, pomegranate, rose and coconut water ones smell delectable. 

sephoraskincare micellar

The Micellar Cleansers, $9 each

The no-rinse micellar cleansers boast three different formulas — micellar water (Charcoal and Green Tea), a bouncy gel (Yuzu and Pomegranate) and a lotion-like milk (Rose and Coconut Water). The water ones generally work for all skin types; the gels are suitable for oily skin and the milks will moisturise dry skin. 

sephoraskincare lipbalms

The Lip Balms, $9 each

Endowed with different 'powers'. For example, the tangerine one is “nourishing and toning”, while its coconut water counterpart is “nourishing and soothing”. It’s not easy to tell if they are really toning and soothing, but they are delicious-smelling enough and provide decent moisture for chapped lips. 

sephoraskincare cleansingcreams

The Cleansing Creams, $10 each

The Green Tea and Charcoal are exfoliating while the rest do a decent (and delicious) job of removing dirt and grime from the face. Love the creamy formula, which keeps skin soft, moisturised and supple. 

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Selected photos: Vivien Chew

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