Questions We Have About Kanye's Make-Up Brand

Watch out — The rapper is launching his own beauty line.

So Kanye West recently registered his intent to launch a beauty product line, building on the Donda lifestyle empire that he’s been threatening the world with since, like, five years ago. Donda is the name of his beloved late mother. The rapper mogul has officially filed legal documents to launch a full collection of cosmetics. But before that happens, we have questions. 

1. Is it for dudes or for ladies?
Hey, it's a legit question right? Guys wear lots of make-up these days too. (See beauty influencer Manny Gutierrez, below, who inspires 3.3 million followers at @mannymua733) 

manny gutierrez mannymua733

2. Will it compete with Kylie Cosmetics?
Keeping up with the Kardashians: Klash of the Family Kontour Kits, anyone?  

kylie lip

3. Will it sell out in minutes like Kylie’s lip kits and Kanye’s own Adidas Yeezy sneakers?

Wait with baited breath by your laptops, people. Fastest fingers first.  

4. Do you want to smell like Kanye?
There is going to be perfume, apparently. Is there a scent called Perpetually Pissed-Off?

5. Will Kim be his spokes-model?
There’s no better ambassador, right?

kim k

6. Will it be as hard to get in Singapore as Kylie Cosmetics?
Pretty please, Sephora, make it Yeezy for us get our North South East West eyeshadow palettes?

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