Nightingale Droppings In Your Facial, Anyone?

The secret ingredient in the Geisha Organic Facial is bird poo, and we love it.

We eat bird saliva, so what’s a little bird poo on our faces? The Geisha Organic Facial ($240 for 90 minutes) from Ikeda Spa serves up a luxe treat for the skin, and includes ingredients such as organic rice bran, camellia oil, azuki red beans, a herbal extract called peach moon water, and golden sprinklings of precious birdie poop, harvested from a special breed of nightingale in Kyoto (In fact, the bird is endangered, and collection of its fecal matter is now banned, so once the current batch of poo is used up, that’s it). Don’t worry, it’s hygienic and safe, and celebs like Victoria Beckham and Tom Cruise apparently swear by its skin-brightening properties. The Geisha facial is so called because the products used in it are from Japanese skincare brand Chidoriya, which has roots in artisanal bags and make-up for geishas and maikos. Chidoriya, which is exclusive to Ikeda Spa here, uses only organic Japanese traditional ingredients, so only the good stuff goes on your mug. Like nightingale poo. We’re happy to report that the nightingale poop mask isn’t at all like the goopy mess that pigeons leave on your car windscreen — it glides on like any other mask and smells completely normal. Along with the rest of the rejuvenating facial, its effect on our skin is a brightening glow that lasted days. So don’t poo-poo this treatment, okay?

Available at Ikeda Spa, 787 Bukit Timah Road and Ikeda Spa Prestige, #05-22 Clarke Quay Central, Tel: 6388-8080; 

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