Kids' Crayons or Lipsticks For Grown-Ups?

This awesome collab between Clinique and Crayola takes you back to carefree, doodly childhood days.

Remember those YouTube vids showing people how to melt down crayons to use as make-up? Well, this brand new collab totally one-ups that. Clinique’s popular chubby make-up sticks already feel like crayons, so they decided to go a step further and work with kids’ crayon maker Crayola to further press upon everyone the fact that make-up, is, in fact, a little like child’s play. With these crayons in hand, it’s easy to imagine you’re five again, doodling all over your drawing block and (if you’re a bad kid) mummy and daddy’s walls. The only question is, now that you’re an adult armed with these make-up sticks, should you colour within the lines or break the rules a bit?

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Call me artist, make-up artist: The Crayola for Clinique Chubby Stick For Lips are available in six shades in Singapore — Wild Strawberry, Pink Sherbet, Mauvelous, Melon, Tickle Me Pink and Intense - Red Violet. 

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It’s cray-cray: Your face can now be a work of art, almost literally! 

Crayola for Clinique Chubby Stick For Lips ($28 each) are available for a limited time at all Sephora stores from Feb 2. The Crayola for Clinique Limited-Edition Set of 4 Minis ($40) is available at Sephora Ion and from Feb 2.

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